Haunted Wisconsin: The Most Haunted Locations

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  2. Wisconsin's Most Haunted Locations
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The bar receives phantom phone calls as well, and in true horror movie fashion they always appear to be coming from the in-house line. During a remodel of the building in the s, the sign painter went into a trance and told one of the owners that someone would die before the restaurant would open.

Wisconsin's Most Haunted Places

The ominous premonition came terribly true when a construction worker died of a heart attack before the restaurant opened its doors to the public. A cleaner working in the building has also reported seeing an unidentified apparition on the floor upstairs from the Boar and Barrel. The building housing the seafood restaurant was once a funeral home owned by the Frautschi family--the same civic-minded clan who brought us the Overture Center and Concerts on the Square.

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Employees of Tempest have reported dishes and fire extinguishers moving on their own, and residents of the upstairs apartments have complained of paranormal activity; although no discernible origin for the phenomena exists. Regardless of whether or not its previous incarnation as a funeral home has led to the building being haunted, the Tempest has a wonderful menu and happy hour that is definitely worth the risk.

Church Road

Bascom Hill was the site of a cemetery for white settlers from until , when the dead were disinterred and moved to another location to make room for the University of Wisconsin The city has many other stories to tell and adventures to share, and if you do choose to visit any of the sites listed we can assure you any ghosts present are perfectly harmless. For more information on Madison and its haunted history, please check out Madison Ghost Walks for historic ghost tours from spring until Halloween. And for more information on these haunted places and others, you can check out The Singular Fortean Society.

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  4. Wisconsin's Most Haunted Locations | Sturm Memorial Library.
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    Wisconsin's Most Haunted Locations

    The Summerwind Mansion was a fishing lodge turned home by former U. Secretary of Commerce Robert Lamont in After firing two shots at a supposed intruder, Lamont discovered there was no one there. He and his family left that night. The mansion itself is mostly ruined after a fire in but the paranormal activity there still continues.

    Nelsen died in the apartment above the building and guests have heard footsteps above them knowning that no one is up there. While the Elk Lake Dam may not be cursed itself, the surrounding area is. In , the body of Mary Schlais was discovered at the dam. It was reported that Schlais was hitchhiking from Minneapolis to Chicago before her killer picked her up and dumped her body at Elm Lake.

    The case still has not been solved.

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    There have been many strange occurences there according to multiple reports. Kate Blood, a very appropriate name, was allegedly a witch, child killer, adultress and was murdered by her husband. Visitors claim to see a hooded figure running around and vanishing into thin air while others say they have seen blood ooze from her tombstone.

    The Brumder Mansion did not experience any disturbences until the s. George Brumder's sister was apparently so fond of the place she never left. Guests have reported strange activities in her former room, now the Gold Suite, and one American Indian medicine man claims the spirits to be, "benevolent, but very talkative.

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    According to legend, a bride was driving to her wedding when she crashed and died. She can now be seen on the bridge in other cars and, in some extreme cases, seen in the back of your own car if you look in the rearview mirror. Love all things scary and spooky? With Halloween just around the corner, here are a few of the myths and legends from the Stevens Point Area. Beware, these stories are not for the faint of heart. The Club Forest Bar in Plover has a long and strange history.

    Wisconsin's Most Haunted Locations | Sturm Memorial Library

    Sadly, Melvin was shot defending a woman from an unruly customer, and that he may still be looking for the woman. Incidents like jukeboxes turning on and off, television volumes being turned all the way up, and bar stools flying across the room are most common when there is a man with a loud or forceful voice on the premise.

    Despite the spooky occurrences, they say Melvin is welcomed and is even mentioned on their menu. According to local legend, a bride was killed on her wedding night at this location, thus giving it its name. The first encounter of the ghostly woman was by a police officer, who thought that he had hit the woman, got out of his car to investigate, and found nothing As he re-entered his police vehicle, he locked eyes with the woman in his back seat! Since this encounter, the bride is said to haunt all three bridges, especially late at night and during the winter months.

    Since all three bridges are popular for fishing, fishermen on the waters late at night often have experiences with the bride, and many local residents have their own story about the location. Passing through this location during the day will be encounter-free, but beware visiting at nighttime when she is on the prowl!